MMC Rewards!


Hey there Savvy Community!

MMC rewards will be released every week in four phases on August 12th, 19th, 26th, and September 2nd. The first batch of rewards was released as staked SVY on the “My SVY” page. The subsequent batch of rewards will be airdropped direct to MMC participants wallets.

The MMC NFT boost rewards will be released on September 2nd. Mint here:

Those who choose stake their SVY are eligible to claim boosted SVY rewards based on their veSVY and debt balances in relation to the total protocol balances as calculated below:

Note that veSVY balance gets reset to 0 after unstaking any amount of SVY.

Furthermore, stakers will earn exponentially more veSVY for DAO voting power. More information on SavvyDAO governance to come.



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