Savvy x JonesDAO Yield Strategy Integration!

Savvy DeFi
1 min readMay 10, 2023

Savvy will be integrating with JonesDAO to offer our users new yield strategies!

Savvy’s integration with JonesDAO will support jUSDC as collateral to offer a new source of competitive yields for yield farming and/or auto-repaying loans.

This integration will allow Savvy users to earn yield by leveraging JonesDAO’s innovative yield farming strategies. In short, the jUSDC vault earns yield by lending USDC.e deposits to jGLP, a leveraged GLP strategy.

The Savvy-JonesDAO adapter has gone through an audit with Secure3. Find the audit here:

Be sure to check out our recent Twitter Space with Jones DAO to dive deeper into how a Savvy/Jones integration can upgrade your yield farming strategy.

If you’re interested in earning SVY rewards prior to August 8th, participate in Savvy’s Market-Making Campaign: You can also prepare for the launch of the SVY token starting August 8th through a liquidity bootstrapping pool on Fjord Foundry. Follow us on social media for all things Savvy.

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