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Savvy tokenomics are primarily designed to incentivize long-term protocol health and growth. Tokenomics plays a vital role in decentralized entities by coordinating behavior, rewarding value contribution, and facilitating exchange.

Protocol Tokens

Savvy DeFi uses two tokens to provide utility and manage governance:

  • SVY — ERC-20 utility token of the protocol
  • veSVY — ERC-20 non-transferable governance token that accumulates through SVY staking.

SVY is used for DAO membership and governance and incentivizing liquidity providers.

veSVY is used for governance and to access boosted rewards for using the protocol. Any SVY holder can stake SVY to accumulate veSVY (vote-escrow) SVY in exchange. The longer SVY is staked, the greater the veSVY earn rate. Upon unstaking SVY, the corresponding balance of veSVY is reduced to zero, which encourages long-term staking. Holders can accumulate a veSVY balance up to 100x the amount of staked SVY.

Token Distribution

Emissions Schedule

There will only ever be 10,000,000 SVY in circulation. 10% of the token supply is allocated to the protocol launch (5% for TGE, 5% seed round), while the remaining 90% will vest over a 6-year schedule.

See the interactive chart under Emissions

Community Governance (DAO)

The Savvy Community will govern the protocol as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will receive an initial SVY allocation to participate in voting and support ongoing protocol development. The total DAO allocation is 1,500,000 SVY (15%). Ecosystem development allocation is 700,000 SVY (7%).

Liquidity Provider Incentives

To ensure deep liquidity for liquidity pools on the Savvy protocol, 3,900,000 SVY (39.0%) are allocated to incentivize liquidity providers. These SVY emissions occur on a monthly basis and are subject to DAO governance. Using a gauge voting mechanism, veSVY holders vote monthly on how to allocate emissions to liquidity pools on Savvy, enabling the protocol to adapt to changing market conditions over time. Emissions are planned as follows:


The team will receive an initial allocation of SVY that will vest according to a linear 6-year schedule. This allocation is designed to cover ongoing protocol development. The total team allocation is 1,100,000 in vesting SVY (11%).

A fully autonomous and immutable protocol is the long-term objective, which will be achieved through a sustainable funding model. Savvy DeFi will employ a dedicated team focused on supporting the product, documentation, community, and ecosystem. As the protocol evolves, the Savvy DeFi team will consider introducing more immutability or DAO components where appropriate.


A total of 1,100,000 SVY (11%) are reserved for treasury operations to benefit the protocol. This allocation will be used in several productive ways, including to engage partners in the ecosystem through grants. The treasury is also used to buy back SVY on the open market for emissions when liquidity mining incentives are depleted.

Initial Token Sales

10% of SVY is reserved for initial token sales for liquidity in the protocol (5% for TGE, 5% seed round). After launch, the rest of the SVY tokens will begin emissions. The schedule for SVY emissions after launch is shown in the chart below.

See the interactive chart under Emissions after Launch

Protocol Utilization Incentives

To facilitate the adoption of Savvy’s unique Line of Credit model, the protocol provides incentives in proportion to the amount of credit obtained, ultimately aligning the financial interests of borrowers, liquidity providers, and the protocol. Additionally, to encourage SVY holders to maintain the SVY position, veSVY produced by staking SVY is also incentivized.


There are 3 types of rewards on Savvy DeFi: liquidity incentives, swap fees, and boosted utilization.

Liquidity Incentives

Each month, SVY will be distributed to liquidity pool stakers. The amount of SVY distributed towards every pool is initially allocated according to the importance of each pool — but will eventually be allocated according to DAO voting operations. The SVY claimable by stakers is allocated according to the USD value-equivalent of the liquidity they provide.

Swap Fees

Liquidity pool trading fees are distributed to liquidity providers in pool tokens (e.g., if the pool is svUSDC/USDC, the distributed tokens are svUSDC and USDC).

Boosted Utilization

To encourage early protocol utilization, protocol users will be rewarded for creating a Savvy Line of Credit and for governance participation. The calculation for the boost is proportional to the size of the Line of Credit as well as the amount of veSVY controlled by the protocol user. If either of these quantities is zero, the boost that may be claimed will be zero. Therefore, users are incentivized to gain exposure to several of the most important Savvy DeFi protocol functions.


Altogether, these tokenomics are designed to create a sustainable economic model for the protocol. There are 2 tokens — SVY and veSVY — that each play a unique and vital role in the long-term sustainability of the Savvy Protocol. These tokens interact with the protocol in several ways, incentivizing behaviors that are healthy for the performance of the protocol. Protocol health has been aligned with stakeholder motivations to ensure individual decisions are coordinated to achieve positive protocol-level outcomes.

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